Insight Executive Group are very pleased to announce the appointment of Paul Harker to our Facilities Management and Property division.

Paul Harker

Paul will join the team, managed by Rob Parker, bringing with him over two years’ of experience and knowledge recruiting within the public and private sectors, primarily focused around Estates and Engineering departments.


Paul gave us a few words about joining Insight:

I first heard about Insight as a competitor at my previous agency. I specialised in recruitment of NHS Estates, Facilities and Capital Projects teams, and it seemed almost every role I was recruiting I kept coming up against the names Rob Parker and Insight Executive.

I met with Insight Director, Nick White, he spoke passionately about the company and was transparent about the direction he wanted to take the business in – this made me feel certain I wanted to join Insight. I knew of Rob and his reputation as he had managed at another large recruitment company, specialising in the same fields as myself for several years. As a result, I felt like he was someone I could learn a lot from.

The company’s reputation preceded it – Insight is made up of highly experienced senior recruiters within their given markets. Being part of a newish company with clear direction made me feel like I could be a part of something big.

Insight differs from my previous employer as they work in more of a mature environment where you have a greater responsibility for your own desk.  Whilst I still remain thankful to my previous employer, as they taught me a lot about recruitment, the support I am given by Insight, including one-to-one confidential sessions with an external coach, is fantastic. This coupled with working alongside the like of Richard Collins and Andrew Pyman, who have such a prestigious reputation within their field, means I can feel myself becoming a more rounded recruiter every day.

Working with Rob has been an eye opener. He has conversations, with senior level professionals in a manner I thought I could only dream of.  He makes recruitment look easy, as a result of the hard work he has put in to building up relationships over a number of years. He is on hand to provide advice and support when needed, which usually consists of helping me realise I’m overthinking things. Rob has been extremely clear about his own progression within the company, as it continues to grow, which will open a number of avenues for my own progression, motivating us all in sync.


Team leader, Rob, gave his thoughts on Paul joining the Insight team:

Paul has been a great addition to my team – he has hit the ground running and fits in with the rest of the staff at Insight. Paul’s strong start demonstrates that Insight is a rapidly growing company – with the added personnel, we are able to realise our potential more easily. I look forward to helping Paul go from strength to strength.


If you are interested in joining Insight, get in touch with Nick White.



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Alex Kassab

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