London Film Festival came to an end last Sunday with a headline screening of Martin McDonagh’s (In Bruges, Seven Psychopaths) fantastic new film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Previously, I have written about the flexibility that Insight have offered me whilst studying for a Masters in scriptwriting – this extended to allowing me to work around the busy film festival schedule, for the past month. Whilst straddling the film and recruitment worlds, I have noticed some similarities in the way the two industries work when it comes to networking.


Networking Events

These types of functions are used across many industries, and whilst the topic of conversation may be different, the purpose is the same. As a result, the same approaches can be used.

Ultimately, you want to demonstrate why people would want to work with you. You should show that you are someone who enjoys their work, is energetic and talented. This is important to bear in mind – don’t let the pressure of these events get to you, relax and show off your best qualities.


Industry Knowledge

Knowledge is key at these events, it is the basis of all professional conversations and can lead to forming connections with people. The easy way to achieve this is through reading trade journals specific to your field.

Showing off your knowledge is one thing, but having an opinion is even better. This sparks conversation and debate, demonstrating your analytical skills.


Quality not Quantity

A list of 500 industry contacts is nowhere near as valuable as a list of 25 contacts that you have a bond with, and can call on a regular basis. As a result, it is better to speak to one person for an hour rather than 60 for a minute each. To reach this position, you have to go beyond standard, formal industry talk. If you relax and open up, long-lasting and meaningful connections can be formed over shared values and passions.


Insight have always been keen on the idea of their staff pursuing outside interests. Experiences like my time at the film festival demonstrate why they believe in the benefits of this practice. Bringing in learning from outside recruitment circles allows for the company to progress in a different way, taking on board lessons we may not have learned otherwise.

What other industries do you think recruitment could learn from?

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Alex Kassab

Alex has been with Insight since January 2016 - initially working as part of the back office team, he now helps manage Insight's website, blog and social media output - whilst also pursuing a career as a script writer for film and television.
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