Adrian Stern – Higher Education Principal Consultant

Insight are delighted to announce the promotion of Adrian Stern to the position of Principle Consultant. This is a fitting testament to his hard work, commitment and determination which has resulted in a hugely successful year.

Adrian has managed to achieve this in a brand new and virtually untapped Higher Education market, which makes his accomplishments all the more impressive. Adrian will be taking up his new post with immediate effect, where he will be tasked with growing his HE team throughout 2018 alongside FM & Property team leader, Rob Parker.

I spoke to Adrian about his promotion, as well as his time at Insight:


How has your journey at Insight been? Has it met your expectations?

My time at Insight has been perfectly in line with my expectations. This stems from the meticulous way that Insight laid out my pathway right from my first interview. Directors, Richard and Nick work with clear goals and targets in mind to ensure fair and considered progression.


How has your time at Insight helped you develop?

Every day I come into the office feeling like everyone wants me to succeed. When I was closing in on my targets for the year, I felt as though the whole team were doing everything they could to ensure I got there.

In addition to this, spending your working life surrounded by expert recruiters, witnessing their work and methods first hand naturally cultivates improvement.

From a personal aspect, I’ve been given the freedom to develop my own individual style, my own methodology. I feel this has allowed me to stand out from the crowd when speaking with candidates and clients. I don’t come across as a stock recruiter, giving formulaic responses. Insight have helped nurture this with their one to one training sessions, where I examine my meta programmes and help develop specific skills I want to work on.


What is next for you?

I’m relishing the chance to build a team around me and having the freedom to run it in a way that fits my style and skills. I have experience of management in previous positions, so I am looking forward to taking that experience and expanding upon it with the help of everyone at Insight. I will be focusing my training sessions more on refining my management skills so that I am fully prepared for new staff.


You have been at Insight for nearly two years now, how have you seen the company change?

Insight has certainly become more diverse in the sectors we cover and as a result we have become more specialised. Naturally, with the introduction of new staff, our networks have grown too. This increases our ability to suit a wide array of client requirements, allowing us to offer the services of the biggest recruiters, with a bespoke feel.


And have you changed alongside Insight?

Definitely, I feel like I have mirrored this growth to a certain extent. I am more specialised and have progressed whilst focusing in on a particular market. As a result, I now have the ability to give better advice and has generally allowed me to work with greater efficiency and to a higher standard.


Adrian can be reached on:


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