Katharine Wells has become the first person to complete the NHS Leadership Academy’s new Edward Jenner programme.

The professional leadership programme was launched last year as a suite of programmes designed to provide development opportunities for all levels of NHS staff. The free open access programme is available online.

Wells is a mental health nurse at Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Trust.

She said: “I feel much more confident talking about the wider aspects of care such as Department of Health policies and things like making decisions and managing conflict in teams. These are things I might have been aware of before, but I feel so much more prepared now.

“I liked how interactive the programme was, it wasn’t just lots of text to read, there were videos to watch and quizzes after each module – there are other nurses I work with who are doing the programme and sometimes we tested each other on the questions, it made it fun and we could discuss how we were doing.”

Jan Sobieraj, managing director of the NHS Leadership Academy, said: “I’m delighted to be able to congratulate Katharine as the first person in the country ever to complete the Edward Jenner programme.

“This is a significant landmark and a fantastic achievement, and I look forward to congratulating many, many more participants on this and all our professional leadership programmes in the future!”

Source: NHE


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