Good rec campaignHow much consideration have you given to your recruitment processes?

Perhaps you have never thought about recruitment as anything more than a tedious task necessary to get the right people?  Hopefully by the time you’ve finished reading this you’ll think about it a whole lot more than that!

Maybe you’ve realised that recruiting and retaining talent is key in the growth and success of your business but you just don’t know what good practice looks like. Well, here’s the answer…

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) is the professional body for the UK’s recruitment industry and they have been busy working with businesses like yours to develop a set of principles for good recruitment.

Who are the REC?

The REC has over 3,500 recruitment agencies as members covering all business sectors and regions of the UK (including GK Recruit of course!), representing 80% of the UK recruitment industry.  The REC works to promote the positive contribution that quality recruitment makes to UK PLC. It leads this work by setting standards for the industry.  As REC members, we must abide by a Code of Professional Practice and take a compliance test to enter and stay in membership.

Essentially, REC are raising the bar for recruitment agencies and making sure you get a fantastic service from us!

The Good Recruitment Campaign

The Good Recruitment Campaign was created by employers for employers, to promote good practice in recruitment and resourcing.

Great recruitment practices benefit everyone:

  • Businesses source the right people
  • Candidates have an excellent experience
  • And, as an economy, we maximise employment opportunities.

The campaign stresses the importance of a dynamic and flexible labour market; this is one of the UK’s competitive advantages internationally.

Why is Good Recruitment so important?

The race for talent – As the economy recovers, it is becoming harder to find the right skills and talent for your business

Mistakes cost – Mistakes in hiring are very costly for employers, employees and the economy

    • 41% of employers said poor recruitment for one role has cost at least £20k
    • 25% of employers said poor recruitment for one role has cost in excess of £40k (Quarsh)

Costs were incurred through:

    • lost productivity
    • training/inductions
    • secondary resource
    • impact on morale and customer service

For more on the costs of recruitment there’s a great article here.

The growth in flexible working – Driven by employer need and individual choice, we can expect each political party to set out their response to flexible working in the run up to the 2015 general election

What does good look like? – The jobs market is recovering but will struggle as demand returns. As this moves up the corporate agenda, employers will need to understand how to make good quality, compliant resourcing decisions.

Why do we really need the Good Recruitment Campaign? To help employers understand how to make good quality, compliant resourcing decisions.

Are you ready to sign up? You’ll get access to:

charterThe Good Recruitment Charter – This comprises a set of nine aspirational principles of good recruitment – see the principles outlined below. Charter guidelines bring the charter to life, and include examples of published good recruitment guides, e.g. for line managers

Research – Monthly data on the jobs market to help you understand the skills and talent demands in your sector and region – e.g. JobsOutlook. New research around the importance of supply chain management in recruitment (coming soon)

Self-assessment document (coming soon) – To benchmark your recruitment processes against the charter

The Good Recruitment Hub – A website with information, research, guidance and best practice in recruitment and resourcing

Register of signatories – A register of those organisations signed up to the Good Recruitment Campaign & Good Recruitment Charter – by joining this growing list you’ll be showing your commitment to recruitment excellence.

Networking opportunities –The chance to network with other employers who are committed to best practice

As an REC member, combined with our ISO9001 accreditation, we’ve been practicing good recruitment for a number of years and we’d be happy to advise you on the development of your own recruitment practices. Please get in touch with Melissa if you’d like some advice or to discuss any upcoming recruitment requirements.

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