I am excited to announce that Insight Executive Group have furthered their expansion by opening a new London office at 45 King William St, Monument in Central London.

This expansion into the heart of the city is in keeping with our continued growth and success.  Our roots in Brighton will always remain, but as a group we know that the talent required to grow our business is predominantly based in London.

As the requirements of our clients grows so does their expectation for high quality interim and permanent staff. Being based in London allows us to instantly keep up with demand and more rapidly fulfil our client’s needs. These are very exciting times for all of us at Insight Executive Group as expansion will allow us to move easily into the next level of client service.

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Nick White

Nick specialises in executive recruitment within the property and asset management sectors. His extensive experience spans a range of commercial and public sector organisations in the UK and overseas. Nick is a certified NLP Practitioner, with additional qualifications in hypnotherapy and time-line therapy. When he’s not positively influencing company cultures and recruiting in-house teams for the likes of IEG, he can be found practicing ju-jitsu or supporting Brighton & Hove Albion at the Amex Stadium.
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