Insight was founded on the principle of striking a healthy work life balance. We have previously spoken to one of our consultants, Andrew Pyman about the flexibility of working from home whilst raising a young family.  Back-office team member, Alex Kassab told us about being able to balance studying for a Masters with his commitments at Insight.

This month it was the turn of another member of our back-office staff, Fifi Dewey, to speak on work/life balance.

As you can see in the photo above Fifi performed at this years’ Glastonbury in front of an amazing crowd. You can watch the BBC coverage of the show here:

Fifi had this to say about the opportunity:

“Since joining Insight, everyone has been really helpful in terms of flexibility. This has allowed me to work on various musical projects – from writing sessions, to band practices and performing shows. Glastonbury was a great experience and I am grateful that Insight have been so supportive.”

Our staff are all fully committed to their work at Insight during office hours but we relish the opportunity to encourage them to flourish outside of work too. We want to give Fifi a big congratulations and hope this is the first of many high profile gigs in the future.

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Alex Kassab

Alex has been with Insight since January 2016 - initially working as part of the back office team, he now helps manage Insight's website, blog and social media output - whilst also pursuing a career as a script writer for film and television.
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