Holly and mum, Lu

Holly joined Insight after graduating from her undergraduate degree in Sociology. She has worked assisting our back office team, with the aim of saving funds to go travelling.

Part of that trip includes climbing Kilimanjaro for charity on 10th October! We spoke to Holly about her adventure!


Hi, Holly tell us about the climb…

The climb lasts for a total of six days, four days on the way up, two on the way down. On the way up, we’ll be hiking seven-hour days and on the summit day we’ll wake up at midnight to avoid the heat and begin the hike to the top.


Sounds tough, what’s your training regime like?

Even though it is one of the world’s tallest mountains, Kilimanjaro can be climbed without any mountain climbing training. It’s more to do with building up cardio fitness for the long hikes, so I’ve mainly been working on that.


What’s going to be the toughest part?

The threat of altitude sickness is always lingering at the back of your mind, because there isn’t any guarantees you are going to be able to avoid it and once it strikes there isn’t much hope of carrying on climbing.

Keeping our motivation up on the descent will be hard too, once you’ve made it to the top there isn’t much to look forward to on the way down. But we’ll have a good group who will all support each other, even when the altitude has made us all emotional, so I’m sure we’ll be fine.


Who are you going with?

We’re doing it in a group of six – each of us will have at least two porters who will be guiding us and helping us
carry all our gear. I’m going with my mum, but the group is made up of people all climbing for the same charity, Grief Encounter, so there’ll definitely be a good bond between us all.


Photo by Tom Cleary on Unsplash


Tell us a bit more about the charity…

Grief Encounter help children who have been hit with bereavement. I lost my dad when I was 16 and felt at the time that it would have been good to have someone other than my family to speak to. Kids are often the last people to reach out for help when dealing with complex emotions such as grief, so I think the more charities like Grief Encounter can raise their profile the better.

Grief can be such a confusing emotion to deal with and often you have no idea how to process everything, but despite this, it is something that everyone will have to experience at some point in their life. So, the more equipped we are to deal with it the better!

I can also recommend a great podcast for dealing with bereavement called Griefcast, where comedians give their take on death.


You can sponsor Holly and Lu here and donate to a great cause!


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