“I’ve all I need”

It is easy to get caught up in work isn’t it? The fast-paced world of recruitment is no exception. The IEG team have been swept up in the Christmas spirit with bells on, however this year we’ve replaced one of our Christmas traditions with something a little different.

Earlier this month, my fiancé and I attended an intimate charity concert held at Union Chapel in aid of Shelter. Union Chapel is a working church but also a fabulous gothic 19th century chapel and stage to many entertainment acts. That night we were there to see the rock and roll star and former Oasis front man, Liam Gallagher. The acoustic gig was to be the last performance by Liam and his band in 2018 with all proceeds donated to homeless charity Shelter.

“No child should have to wake up homeless on Christmas day, which is why I’ll be playing a very special acoustic gig this December,” said Gallagher. “This gig will be a one-off; a chance to raise some money for all the great work Shelter does to stop homelessness.”

Between 2016 and 2017 the number of people sleeping rough in London increased by 15%. The last recorded figures by ‘Hidden homelessness in London’ estimated that 12,500 people were homeless on the streets on the capital in 2017. With the current state of housing, the pre-Brexit uncertainty and lack of funding the number of homeless in the UK in 2018 is predicted to be even higher.

That evening, in aid of Shelter, Liam and the band delighted their 900-strong congregation, who danced, sang and chanted the night away. We were treated to new songs from Liam’s solo album, as well as a set of Oasis classics such as Champagne Supernova, Live Forever and, for the first time since 1997, Cast No Shadow.

Inside the ambient surroundings of Union Chapel, settled in the hip and upcoming area of Islington, and watching a worldwide celeb perform, it is easy to forget those forced to sleep rough in the bitter cold.

On our way home that evening, looking out from the warmth of the hackney carriage, we were struck by the number of people we saw sleeping on London’s streets battling the bitter cold with as little as a newspaper or a thin sleeping bag. It bought us back to earth with a bump. The event that night had created a new awareness  – how lucky are we to know where we are sleeping tonight and to have the basics we need and more? We’ve walked by and given change plenty of times, but that night we felt compelled to do something more now, and something more in 2019.

For now, with the support of the team (thank you team) Rich and I have chosen to donate £750 to Shelter. We’ve done this by ceasing to contribute to the £1.7 billion greeting card industry this winter, and have opted instead to fund our donation topped up a little; a much worthier use we think.

This is a small start and we’re planning to do more. With the help of a top man at Shelter called Jack, IEG will be supporting the charity throughout 2019. You’re welcome to check in and find out how we’re getting on – and please do ask if you’d like to put someone from your company in touch with Jack.

In the meantime, this week at IEG we’ll be stopping work for 2018 and rewarding our 23 strong team for their hard work with a well-earned break into the New Year.

May I take this opportunity to extend from us all our very best wishes this season and wish you a happy and healthy New Year.

Nick White and The Insight Team

“Thanks for all your support, slow down, all things must pass, take your time, know the score”

I’ve All I Need by Liam Gallagher

If you’d like to support Shelter with a donation, click here: 

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Nick White

Nick specialises in executive recruitment within the property and asset management sectors. His extensive experience spans a range of commercial and public sector organisations in the UK and overseas. Nick is a certified NLP Practitioner, with additional qualifications in hypnotherapy and time-line therapy. When he’s not positively influencing company cultures and recruiting in-house teams for the likes of IEG, he can be found practicing ju-jitsu or supporting Brighton & Hove Albion at the Amex Stadium.
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