It’s here; International Women’s Day 2019, and we’ve been honoured to work with Justine Cooper this year to help us understand what we can do to advocate for gender equity.

Justine Cooper

Justine is a Senior Consultant for Brook Graham – a global strategic diversity and inclusion consultancy, that have helped many organisations reap the benefits from building sustainably diverse and inclusive environments. We’re delighted to be able to share some of the lessons we’re taking on board this year as we celebrate International Women’s Day 2019.


  1. Support gender equity in all its forms: Working conditions matter to everyone; normalise support for working families. Encourage autonomy and ensure parental leave is available for all parents.


  1. Engage people in conversation surrounding gender equity: Start by opening the conversation with employees, clients, candidates and communities – call for all of us to be active champions and allies of gender equity, together.


  1. Challenge pre-conditioned bias: Raise your own levels of awareness and understanding around the differences in gender culture. This helps to show how stereotypes and gender conditioning can play out in the workplace.


  1. Have a lens for equity in everything that you do: Not only in internal employment policies but, as a recruitment company, also in the strategies used for sourcing candidates – you have to promote a diverse candidate base. When was the last time you reviewed how your company is projected? Be a voice in the industry for championing equity!


  1. Lead by example: For us this means fellow director, Richard, and I encouraging discussion about why gender equity is important to us and the business. Our board level director, Sue Cooper, had this to say about the role of gender equity:

Respect each other as equals but embrace the differences… like mobile phones, we might be achieving the same things, but we are running on different operating systems.”


At IEG, we have a way to go, but we have made a start and it feels right. With this mindset and the additional support, training and guidance from experts like Justine, we are committed to #BalanceforBetter.

Follow our journey and stay in touch with Insight Executive Group here.

To find out more about what Brook Graham have done to help organisations reap the many benefits from building sustainably diverse and inclusive environments, visit

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Nick White

Nick specialises in executive recruitment within the property and asset management sectors. His extensive experience spans a range of commercial and public sector organisations in the UK and overseas. Nick is a certified NLP Practitioner, with additional qualifications in hypnotherapy and time-line therapy. When he’s not positively influencing company cultures and recruiting in-house teams for the likes of IEG, he can be found practicing ju-jitsu or supporting Brighton & Hove Albion at the Amex Stadium.
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