Insight Proud to Announce Another Director-Level Promotion in 2021

by | May 11, 2021 | Careers, News, Promotions

Insight Executive Group are proud to announce a second Director-level promotion of 2021. Having worked his way through IEG’s Career Pathway Scheme, this month Andrew Pyman been promoted to Director – Procurement and Commercial Management. 

Andrew’s journey with Insight has been exemplary of our commitment to career development and progression. Initially he was a contractor simply to help map out a permanent recruitment team to join the business. Later Andrew’s performance, work ethic and sense of fun led Managing Director Richard Collins to offer him a full-time position. This reignited Andrew’s passion for recruitment.

Freed from the restrictions of rigid KPI targets he’d experienced at other firms, he grew as a consultant and also as a manager, building a successful team around him. He then doubled the team’s annual revenue and allowing IEG’s Co-founders, Rich and Nick, to focus on other areas of the business. After rising to Associate Director only a matter of months ago, Andrew has continued to progress, smashing his team and individual developmental targets to achieve this outstanding and well deserved promotion to Director.

Andrew, affectionately known as PY (but never Andy!), brings an infectious energy and upbeat, determined attitude to the office and has been a big part of keeping morale high over the lockdown months.

Congratulations PY – we’re so glad that you agreed to stick with us!




About IEG’s Career Pathway Scheme


At Insight Executive Group, we pride ourselves on the career opportunities we offer to all employees from day one. We offer a clearly structured Career Pathway Scheme so that each consultant, no matter what their level of experience and skillset, is able to understand how to progress to the next level.

In order to progress through the career pathway, we have set specific goals designed to holistically support individual professional development. Our aim is to develop specialist search and selection consultants who are skilled, knowledgeable, confident, emotionally aware, collaborative and accountable. We regularly work with various experts in recruitment as well as independent business coaches to train, advise and talk with our consultants, both in team environments and on a one-to-one basis.

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