A Day to Celebrate the Estates and Facilities Heroes  

National Healthcare Estates and Facilities Day shines a light on the vital role that estates and facilities teams play in healthcare, these are the professionals who ensure that hospital operations run smoothly, environments are safe, and that the highest standards of patient care can be delivered. Today, we not only commemorate their unwavering commitment but also celebrate a very personal story of gratitude and survival within our team. 

A Personal Thank You from Adam Drewery 

This year’s celebration is profoundly special for us at IEG, as it coincides with the birthday of our Service Provider Team Manager, Adam Drewery who has experienced firsthand the environment within the critical care wards at South Meads Hospital, Bristol. Adam’s journey over the past year adds a deeply personal touch to our appreciation for the healthcare estates and facilities teams. Earlier this year, Adam faced an unexpected health challenge that put his life on hold: a sudden cancer diagnosis that thrust him into the patient role he never anticipated. 

A Life-Altering Diagnosis. 

“Earlier this year, out of the blue, I was diagnosed with cancer,” shares Adam as he describes the moment that he felt the pivot in his life from NHS Service Provider Recruitment Manager to patient, “Nothing can prepare you for the moment you hear the words to confirm your diagnosis, let alone to share it with your family.” 

Adam’s experience sheds light on the stark reality that so many face when life takes an unforeseen turn. However, it was during this daunting time that the remarkable capabilities and impact of our healthcare estates and facilities teams became a personal experience for Adam. 

Experiencing the Impact Firsthand 

Adam’s story is a powerful testament to the impact of our Estates & Facilities teams within the healthcare environment. “I’ve experienced firsthand the crucial impact our E&F teams have on healthcare,” Adam reflects, “everything from the cleanliness of the environment, the security within the hospitals, down to the nutritious food on offer, was exceptional – and it really does make a difference.” His journey through treatment highlighted the seamless integration of operational efficiency and compassionate care facilitated by these teams, proving that their work goes beyond maintenance and technical support—they create environments where healing thrives. 

A Message of Thanks 

This National Healthcare Estates and Facilities Day is not just another observance but a chance to celebrate and share thanks to the unseen heroes. “On this special day, I’m thrilled to express my gratitude to everyone supporting patients in critical care,” says Adam. His recovery journey was underpinned by the exemplary service and dedication of the E&F teams who work behind the scenes to ensure patient safety and comfort. 

Celebrating Life and Recovery 

Today marks a dual celebration for Adam—his birthday and his new lease on life as a cancer survivor. “Today, I am deeply thankful to celebrate my birthday, now cancer-free, thanks to your support,” he shares. This statement isn’t just a personal celebration; it’s a communal moment of joy and relief for everyone involved in his journey. 

Thanks from IEG 

As we mark this significant day, we extend our thanks to the national healthcare estates and facilities teams across the board. From the team at IEG, we have always appreciated your dedication and the critical role you play in healthcare delivery as we have known professionally only too well the role that you play. From a personal perspective, we also extend our gratitude in light of our colleague Adam Drewery’s journey this year.