Energy & Sustainability

Insight began as part of a management consultancy and have maintained close links with their energy and sustainability division, providing interim consultants and permanent staff when needed.

As a result we have in-depth knowledge of this area, and know exactly what goes into various projects in the sector, from building energy efficiency assessments, to CHP or HVAC design, and supply chain sustainability.

Our knowledge and understanding have continued to grow through extensive work with our clients in the Education and Healthcare sectors, and our efforts to expand their capabilities in sustainability and energy. Whether our clients are constructing new buildings, refurbishing existing ones, or encouraging behavioural change across their stakeholder groups, we can help find the expertise required to ensure their projects are completed with a sustainable, energy efficient, customer-focused methodology.

In so doing we’re not only substantially reducing our clients’ energy costs, but also allowing them to be officially recognised for their sustainable developments in the Green League.

Typical roles in this sector include:

  • Sustainability Consultant
  • Sustainable Procurement Consultant
  • Sustainability Manager
  • EMS Manager
  • Head of EMS
  • Head of Sustainability
  • Energy Manager

My Insight consultant was extremely knowledgeable, they took the time to understand me, and how my skills would match roles. They didn’t simply try to fit an interim into a role. They felt like it an organisation that cares for both parties.

Jeremy Richards, Interim Procurement Consultant