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Georgie Steerwood joins the Procurement Team at Insight Executive Group

by | Jun 8, 2022 | Careers, New Members, News

When a new consultant joins, we tend to focus on how they are often learning a new style of recruitment based around a gradually building a network through trusted recommendations. We believe this is a smarter way of working that delivers the best results for our clients. What we sometimes miss is the effect this has on our new consultants.

About Georgie

Georgie Steerwood joined Insight in March after 5 years of experience in the recruitment industry. After being pointed in the direction of Insight, Georgie saw that this would be a great move for her. This was confirmed when meeting Procurement and Commercial Director, Andrew Pyman, and Operations Manager, Katie Yianni.

“I was very happy to see that the interview focused on cultural fit into the company as much as it did my competency as a recruiter. This reassured me that I was joining a group who genuinely work together.”

And once Georgie was on board she adapted and enjoyed this new way of working.

“Everyone is so supportive and open. Individually saying to me, ‘if you ever need anything, just call’. This is very different to how I’ve worked in recruitment previously. I used to work really long hours. Hitting KPIs but also trying to generate and fill roles. Working at Insight is completely different with a real team attitude. As well as roles and recommendations being passed between consultants and even teams. This is especially helpful when learning a new market as I am. It all feels less daunting.”


Georgie has joined Andrew Pyman’s Procurement and Commercial team with a focus on public sector roles – an area she has established experience in already.

“The role as Insight was also a good fit for me as I was keen to continue recruiting within the public sector. I really enjoy the conversations I have with public sector clients and candidates. They are always a bit warmer, friendlier and ultimately less corporate.”

Procurement is a new focus for Georgie and she’s relishing the challenge, working across a variety of roles including Commercial Managers, Category Managers and Procurement Manager. If you are a client looking to fill one of these roles or a candidate with the relevant experience, get in touch today!