Since our early days, Insight Executive Group has set out to ‘do recruitment differently’; a motto that to this day influences our externally across our networks and internally within the training, support, and rewards that we give to our teams. 

A core part of the IEG values is ensuring we reward both the company as a whole and individuals for their successes in meaningful ways that matter.  

We do this in several ways: 

  • Bi-annual Bashes – Twice a year we whisk the whole company away for a big bash. 
  • High Achievers – Once a quarter all consultants who hit their stretch targets are taken out for the afternoon for a slap-up meal and some form of special treat. 
  • Highfliers – This is High Achiever’s big sibling! Once a year, an all-expenses paid trip away, with our most recent trip being skiing in the Austrian Alps. 

This is all topped off by our excellent career progression structure with clear, simple targets, so you know exactly how to achieve your next promotion. 

In addition to this, we believe it’s important to recognise outstanding personal billing milestones such as £500k, £1m, and beyond – numbers that several of our consultants have proven possible in the past few years. We tailor IEG rewards to suit the individual that achieves them – in the past, we have rewarded with stunning watches of choice, and premier league football shirts signed by the whole team, purely because we take time to understand the people that make up our organisation.  

Recently our very own thrill-seeking MD, Richard Collins, was able to reap the rewards of a milestone he achieved in 2019 after only five years – his IEG £2m revenue milestone – resulting in a 30-minute aerobatics demonstration in a Fouga Magister fighter plane. 

After delays due to Covid restrictions, bad weather and mechanical faults (as well as a new addition to the family), finally the day had come. Richard made his way to Beauvais Airport, 2 hours south of Calais, where Crazy Magic Flight treated him to what he described as an “exhilarating but nauseating experience”. The pilot took the jet up to 400mph and of course chucked in a few loop-the-loops and barrel rolls for good measure, giving Richard much more than his recommended daily allowance of adrenaline for the day. 

It was so long ago that Richard actually hit that £2m mark that he’s doubled his all-time company revenue since, crossing the £4m mark! This can only mean one thing, another exhilarating day out. The only thing missing from his amazing Crazy Magic Flight experience? In the words of Richard, “I loved it, but would have preferred to fly it myself.” Maybe that’s next up then – watch this space! 

We truly believe this is the best way to run a company, taking the time to find bespoke rewards that make people feels special, coupled with clear targets and progression routes to ensure everyone stays motivated.  

If this sounds like the company for you, with clear career progression, and personalised rewards programmes (we promise you don’t HAVE to accept a Crazy Magic Flight Experience) get in touch with Mike Kennedy today at