Insight Executive Group (IEG) is thrilled to announce the appointment of Ria Healy to the role of Principal Consultant for NHS and the Public Sector, specialising in Clinical and Corporate Governance. This strategic appointment marks an expansion of IEG’s services within the healthcare sector, enhancing our ability to support and collaborate with a broader network of healthcare professionals. 

A Rich Background in Recruitment 

Ria brings a wealth of experience to her new role at IEG, with over six years dedicated to healthcare recruitment and previous expertise in employability recruitment. Her career began in the Welfare to Work sector, where she discovered her passion for assisting individuals in finding employment and achieving financial independence. Her remarkable abilities in recruitment were soon recognized, leading to a transition to healthcare recruitment and predominantly the Clinical Governance sector.

“It was a sector that I immediately enjoyed and understood well,” Ria remarks. “Working with clients and candidates who are passionate about patient safety and upholding quality standards made it a perfect fit for me.” 

Why Insight Executive Group? 

Ria’s decision to join IEG was influenced by the company’s strong reputation and the recent opening of our Manchester office. The opportunity presented itself when Ria came across a LinkedIn advertisement for the position. Within two weeks of applying, she interacted with key IEG team members, including Director Andrew Pyman, Manchester-based consultant Anna Shenton, and Managing Director Rob Parker.  

Ria shares, “I’ve never known a company to go out of their way to get to know you throughout the interview process. From day one, there was a sense that IEG offers authenticity, transparency, open communication, and most importantly, listens.” 

What’s Next for Ria at IEG? 

In her new role, Ria will serve as the Divisional Lead for the UK in specialist areas of Clinical Governance and Corporate Affairs, offering support on interim, fixed-term, and permanent contracts. She has already begun partnering her in-depth knowledge and extensive network within Governance with IEG’s expansive reach within healthcare and the NHS, including the educational sector. Ria is looking forward to future recruitment campaigns and is excited to develop her desk and expand her team within the next twelve months.  

Life Beyond Work 

Outside of professional commitments, Ria is a true social butterfly, frequently found enjoying time with friends over a glass of wine or a comforting cup of coffee. An avid painter, Ria prefers abstract art, crafting images that uplift and inspire. As an advocate for mindfulness and well-being, she encourages open conversations about feelings, underlining the importance of dialogue as a tool for healing. Ria is also an enthusiast of meditation, and spending time in the sunshine. 

Connect with Ria 

Over the next few months, Ria will be reaching out to individuals within our network. If you wish to connect with her directly, she can be reached at 07538 590 018 or via email at 

We are delighted to welcome Ria Healy to the team at Insight Executive Group – welcome aboard, Ria!