Insight Executive Group

Interim Consultancy

Discover Short-Term Candidates, Delivering Long-Term Results

At Insight we pride ourselves in working a bit differently. Our ‘trust-centric’ brand of recruitment relies on a network of strong, reliable and trustworthy contacts.

We thrive at finding the optimum fit for every situation; by fully understanding your needs, and the abilities and reputation of our interim consultants, we are in a perfect position to make great matches and ensure results.

Whether you’re looking for someone to come on board to complete a project, fulfill a very specific need, or cover a temporary position, we’re dedicated to helping you discover the short-term candidate capable of delivering long-term results.

The right interim candidate can act as a catalyst for transformation and change. Alternatively, they can ensure the status quo is effortlessly maintained during a disruptive period.

The specific traits needed in an interim consultant vary depending on their role, yet they all require a few common qualities:


Expertise in their field

Personalities that complement the working environment and team they will be slotting into

Exceptional completion rates

The independent, fresh-thinking perspective your organisation needs

Short-term positions still require professionals capable of achieving long-term gains. We don’t simply hunt down pros with the skills required to fill your role. Instead, we ferret out individuals with the bespoke blend of genius that makes them perfect for your role, your company, and the result you aim to achieve by hiring them.

Why Choose Insight Executive?

At Insight we believe in cultivating exceptionally strong relationships and networks throughout our specialist industries, allowing us to find the perfect individual for the role, and the perfect role for the individual.

We pride ourselves on being exceptionally good at spotting the difference between candidates who look good on paper, but prove to be a letdown in reality, and those who will light up your organisation.

Our network of interim consultants has been forged through years of getting to know people. We’ve amassed a hoard the recommendations from respected directors we trust, who know extraordinary talent when they see it. We use their insights to create an incredibly strong web of connections with exactly the kind of flexible, reliable, independent, and high-skilled workers needed to excel in interim positions.

“My Insight consultant was extremely knowledgeable.
 They didn’t simply try to fit an interim into a role.They felt like an organisation that cares for both parties.”

Jeremy Richards, Interim Procurement Consultant

What Can You Expect From Our Interim Consultants?

When searching for an interim consultant you need be sure you’re in good hands. Our hand-picked candidates are all focused, reliable experts in their respective fields, with the strategic mindset and skills needed for their roles.

Among their various attributes you can be assured you will find them to be:

Exceptional Value

Our interim candidates are a flexible and scalable resource for your business, offering you great return on your investment; you will only pay for the work you need doing.


Reputation means everything to interim consultants. To tarnish their name is to lose their ability to work. Results are practically guaranteed, as they are committed to providing results, giving you their all, and furthering their own good name.

Specialist Knowledge

Interim consultants are an easy way of plugging gaps in your team’s skill sets. Due to the nature of their work, these specialists remain bang up-to-date, and are highly invested in continually expanding their knowledge of niche areas to stay at the top of their game.

Speedy Delivery

Operating at a senior level, interim consultants are extremely flexible and will settle into your organisation at lightning speed, delivering quality results fast.

93% of our clients agree that Insight’s consultants listened carefully and offered positions matched to their requirements.”

What Can You Expect From One Of Our Interim Consultancy Roles?

If you are an Interim Consultant you may be wondering what the flipside looks like. At Insight Executive we’re as dedicated to helping candidates finding work through us as we are to the organisations with whom they are placed.

If you’re looking for interim work there are a few things you will find with Insight that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere:

The Personal Touch

We’re not exaggerating when we say our whole business ethos is based on relationships and trust. Candidates aren’t numbers, CVs, or cash cows to be farmed out to the highest bidder. We will get to know you, and be on-hand every step of the way to ensure you land the best possible role.

The Perfect Fit

Part of getting to know you is understanding how you tick, what you’re looking for in an interim placement, and how you’re best suited to aiding the organisations for whom you work. We work hard to find the perfect placements to suit your skills, personality, and both current and future career goals. When you get a call from Insight, you will answer confident in the knowledge that the role we’re phoning to discuss is spot on.

Career Goals

Interim positions offer the opportunity to get vital experience in new areas, and with companies you might otherwise not have chance to work with. By getting strategic in the positions you choose, you can effectively support your long-term career goals and gain the background needed to land the dream role.

Nominated Workers

It is not uncommon for a hiring manager to have someone in mind that they want on a project, and will reach out to that interim consultant directly. However, interim contractors who work for publicly funded bodies typically need to be signed up through an agency on a framework.

Insight are on-hand to offer objective advice to our clients and candidates on pay-rolling, from selection to payment. We have a strong background in recruiting for the government and NHS, and are one of the few agencies offering candidates objective advice on how to ‘payroll’ themselves.

Save yourself time and administrative headaches by leaving it all to us. We can:

• Offer impartial contracting advice
(e.g. whether you’d be better off using an umbrella company, versus setting up your own limited company).
• Advise on the completion of compliance and contractual documentation.
• Provide a fully automated, self-billing online timesheet/invoice system.