Health and Wellbeing

Health and Well-being is very important to us at Concertus. If we can help our employees to make healthy choices and improve their health and well-being then we certainly will.

The Concertus building is designed to provide a work environment that encourages a happy, healthy lifestyle ensuring you have everything you need to succeed. “The Boot” is a work-free zone where all employees take a well deserved break. The Boot was designed to be a safe zone where employees could take a break from their work. Conversations about work, meetings and visitors are frowned upon in this space!

In The Boot, you will find white board walls for work-free creativity (often used as leader boards). You’ll also find a range of games, books, magazines, table tennis, football table, wii and more. Concertus supply Teas, Coffee, Squash, Water, Sugar and Sweeteners but for those that need a pick me up there is a vending machine too with the usual treats. In addition fresh fruit is delivered twice weekly. Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, we hope you can make time for it, in case you can’t Concertus provide a range of cereals for you to enjoy. Concertus have also negotiated some amazing deals with local food and drink establishments,

As an employee at Concertus you will have access to:

Fresh fruit available to all staff —We receive a large range of local fruit twice weekly.

Corporate Gym Membership at DW Fitness Gym, Ipswich. This offers a discounted gym membership at a local gym, which offers gym facilities, swimming pool and fitness classes.

Weekly Yoga/Pilates and other exercise classes in the office space at a small charge.

Desk massages whereby specialists massage shoulders, back and neck for any employee that takes up the opportunity.

Join the Concertus Team

Concertus has asked our expert team at Insight to provide a retained search for three Associate Director roles.

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