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When we founded Insight Executive Group we had a clear vision in mind, for a rather different approach to recruitment.

A large part of that was the development of a consultative ethos, and our very own Trust-Centric Method. While our core specialties lie in FM and Procurement, we have a highly capable team with a broad range of skills, and offer a flexible approach to recruitment. Our retained search methodology can be easily adapted to suit your needs, or we can work with you on a contingent basis through our extensive network of trusted contacts to discover, identify, and select the perfect candidate for every opportunity.

Part of IEG’s unique approach to recruitment is that we don’t differentiate between clients and candidates. This is a dynamic we take seriously, allowing us to match the ideal role to hopeful job seekers, or track down the most capable candidate to fill a vacant position.

Our goal is to provide a more holistic service, which takes into account individuals who fall on either (or both!) sides. As a result, we refer to everyone as ‘customers’, regardless of whether they’re seeking a genius individual for their team, or an exciting new opportunity for themselves.

The result is a highly adaptable, consultancy-driven approach to recruitment, which combines market insights with industry expertise, and an executive resourcing methodology. All these elements are neatly tied together by a practical, yet sensitive, research-driven method, which enables IEG to deliver the highest level of service on behalf of our customers.

Our ultimate aim is to continually exceed the level of service expected.

So if you have a project in mind and need a superlative candidate, or you’re looking for the next great move in your career, get in touch. If we can’t help you directly, we’ll definitely know someone who can!


Insight Executive have a friendly approach. Colleagues who were recruited through other recruitment companies did not receive the same level of service. Insight’s service is personal and extremely professional. I will (and have) recommended Richard and Andrew to others. An excellent service.

Susannah Caws, Procurement Manager

My Insight consultant was extremely knowledgeable, they took the time to understand me, and how my skills would match roles. They didn’t simply try to fit an interim into a role. They felt like it an organisation that cares for both parties.

Jeremy Richards, Interim Procurement Consultant