Insight Executive Group

Permanent Services

At Insight we offer a range of world-class recruitment services tailored to suit your unique business needs and budget requirements.

Whether you’re looking for an executive search or a more bespoke solution, our dream team of experts have the knowledge, wisdom and contacts to track down the best candidates and fit them with the perfect role.

Finding Your Professional Family

When you’re welcoming someone as a permanent member of your team, or searching for the organisation to call home, it’s important to use an approach that ensures you find the perfect fit in terms of professional skills, personality, and ethos. At IEG we understand this better than most, as we have been team-orientated and family-focused right from the start. We’ve spent the last few years carefully growing our own dream team; a professional family in our home-away-from-home.

We want you to have that same sense of close-knit camaraderie and effortless collaboration in your own workplace.


Growing Together

While it’s always vital for a candidate to slot seamlessly into their new working environment, interim workers who turn out to be a slightly-less-than-perfect fit aren’t around for long, so a square peg in a round hole can still be used to get the required result. The same cannot be said of permanent roles, where the individual selected will help to nurture the organisation to its fullest potential, while in turn being nourished by the team.

Permanent recruitment is all about finding the perfect combination of working environment, business culture, team dynamics, and individual quirks, so that both the business and the candidate grow and flourish together.

Dedicated To Permanent Excellence

We have the global reach, technical and subject matter expertise, and market insights to help you find that special someone to join your family. We’re dedicated to ensuring the candidate or role we find for you provides a permanent means of achieving excellence in your organisation or career goals.

Our own talented team of niche experts have been forging genuine relationships throughout our industries for years. When you come to Insight for a permanent solution you can be assured of the personal touch from recruiters uniquely positioned to ensure you achieve permanent excellence.

The Insightful Way…

IEG are well-known for our collaborative, holistic, and ethical approach to recruitment (or as we like to call it, the Trust-Centric Method). It all begins with a incisive conversation to determine your requirements (expect some demanding questions!), and ends with a happy match between your business and an individual whose experience, approach and personality fits perfectly.

As international recruitment specialists with global reach and dedication to excellence, we’ll always go above and beyond your typical recruiter. Our highly-experienced consultants can refine job specifications, offer departmental structuring advice, and recruit entire teams.

Insight’s relationship-focused method of recruitment ensures we offer exceptional candidates from our extensive database of highly-recommended executives, all of whom have been thoroughly vetted and sourced from our trusted network of associates.

Why Choose Insight Executive?

Let’s face it, your dream candidate is a catch. If they weren’t, you wouldn’t want them. And what’s the likelihood that they happen to be searching for a new role at exactly the same time you’re trying to fill yours? The odds are, the perfect person for you is currently sitting pretty in an existing role, with no intention of moving any time soon.

If you want them, you’re going to have to woo them.

Or rather, you’re going to want someone with a professional, sensitive, and persuasive approach to recruit them for you.

Using tried and tested techniques and our own unique brand of personal recruiting, we’ll find the best possible person for your role, the most elusive talent on the market, and sweet talk them into joining your family.

There’s a reason our clients say we’re the ‘go-to’ people for persuading ‘passive talent’ to make a move! Take advantage of all the great benefits of our Executive Search package, including:

• Reaching the best candidates in the market, even those not looking for new opportunities.
• Managing the recruitment campaign in line with a strategy that fits your goals and ethos.
• Ensuring objective candidate assessment by handling internal applications.
• Peace of mind and the ability to relax in the knowledge you’ve made a real investment in the future of your business.

93% of our clients describe the knowledge and understanding of the consultants at Insight as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.