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IEG has a long history of working with the public sector, as well as many private sector organisations working within the public sector. We have therefore needed to ensure that we are as accessible as possible to our clients – to do so, we are available to provide a range of services under a variety of compliant frameworks.



Crown Commercial Service Non-clinical staffing framework (formerly NMNC)

(CCS framework RM6160 NCTFS – live April 2019)

This framework is highly accessible and easy to procure from. All UK public bodies and registered charities can access it without payment, and all management costs are paid for by the supplier.  Primarily this framework is for the provision on temporary/interim labour, but the framework can be used for interim, fixed-term, permanent recruitment and even consultancy. Insight Executive Group are on two key lots:

Lot 2: Corporate Functions (handled by our Procurement & Contract Management Team)

Lot 6: Ancillary Staff (handled by our Facilities Management & Estates Team)

Additional features:

Payrolling/nominated – Often an organisation will have an interim consultant that they wish to engage for a specific project. As such, they may require a framework agency to manage the compliance, invoicing and payments of the consultant. We offer market-leading rates for providing this service – a discount of 25% from the already competitive rates tendered for the framework.

Work package consultancy – The framework also allows for services to be provided in work packages, which is especially useful when a finite, outcome-based project is required, facilitating the agreement of a fixed-price arrangement. An additional benefit of operating in this manner is that it strengthens the case for the assignment being deemed outside the scope of IR35.


CCS Digital Outcomes & Specialists Framework

(CCS framework RM1043.6)

Many of our clients look for us to provide outcome-based solutions, and as such this framework is ideal for the provision of consultancy services. Services can be procured on a day rate or fixed price basis.


HealthTrust Europe Total Workforce Solutions (NMNC) Framework

Lot 4: NMNC (inc. Executive)

This framework is often the choice of NHS organisations in the Midlands area, and as such it was important for Insight to be accessible via this route. Rates are similar to those on the CCS NCS framework, but compliance is even more thorough as this framework is dedicated to the NHS. As such, onboarding times can be a little slower since a broader range of information must be collected and verified.


Public Sector Resourcing

Insight are one of the approved suppliers working to the PSR framework.



Insight are a supplier to the vast majority of MSTAR2 neutral vendor and managed service providers such as Comensura, Matrix, Adecco, Pertemps, to name a few.


Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about our compliant routes to market.

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