With just over three weeks until race day for the London Marathon, it’s important to make sure you’re fully prepared for the challenge ahead. Here are some final tips that our 2023 Marathon runners at Insight Executive Group have shared to help you make the most of the remaining time. If you would like to show them some support in the countdown to the big day, you can find links to their chosen charities at the end of this article.

Countdown Marathon Tips From The IEG Runners:

  1. Practice your race day routine – ideally exactly a week before race day, Set your alarm and go through your full routine, from getting dressed, and pinning your race number on, to eating breakfast, leaving at the time you plan to leave, and even warming up. This will help you feel more confident and prepared on race day, and highlight any unexpected niggles

    “Honestly, there’s nothing like realising you don’t have  enough safety pins for your precious race number on the day”

  2. Stick to your training plan – and your trainers! In the last few weeks leading up to the marathon, it can be tempting to push yourself too hard or try new workouts. However, it’s important to stick to the training plan you’ve been following to prevent injury, to ensure you’re properly rested for race day, and when it comes to the trainers, even if they are old and worn, now is not the time to change them for a new pair!
  3. If you run to music/podcasts, check that they are in order, and consider buying a cheap lightweight spare pair of headphones to take with you as a backup. It can be easy to chuck a bottle of water over your head halfway round the course, particularly if it’s a hot day, and headphones fizzling out halfway around can put a real dampener (excuse the pun) on the ease of performance.
  4. Focus on nutrition: Proper nutrition is essential for peak performance in any athletic event, and the marathon is no exception. Make sure you’re getting plenty of healthy, nutrient-dense foods in your diet, including lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Avoid overindulging in junk food or alcohol, which can negatively impact your training and recovery. And keep well hydrated.
  5. Get plenty of rest: In the weeks leading up to the marathon, it’s crucial to prioritize rest and recovery. Aim for at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night and take time to relax and unwind after your workouts. This will help your body repair and build muscle, ensuring you’re at your best come race day.

The London Marathon – and all organised Marathon events – are challenging and incredibly rewarding experiences; rewarding for achieving the challenges, and for many rewarding for the causes that people choose to support when signing up for the event. We wish luck to everyone taking part or supporting runners this marathon season, the most important piece of advice we can give? Try to soak up and enjoy every moment!

If you would like to support our three runners as they boldly run in this year’s London Marathon, you can donate to their chosen charities at the links below, and/or drop them a note directly to wish them well.

  • https://bit.ly/PYMarathon
  • https://bit.ly/HAmarathon
  • https://bit.ly/TajMarathon