Trusting Your Gut in 2021: Insight Welcome James Herron

by | Feb 16, 2021 | Careers, New Members, News

Conviction has been a hard attribute to maintain over the past 12 months, but it is one that has served James well over the years.

About James

In the first few roles of his 9-year recruitment career, James covered IT and Finance sectors. Then later he settled on NHS & Public Sector, specialising in FM Estates and Facilities. James persevered through some tough times. Building his skills and experience. And with it, his motivation to succeed.

James Herron

James Herron


James’ career path

After making his mark within these sectors, James was offered the opportunity to join a well-established firm. This was an opportunity to start their Public Sector Estates and Facilities desk from scratch. James spent 5 years at this firm. He was building a team and along with it, a fantastic reputation within this field and subsequently secured 2 promotions. Changes to the company structure meant that James’s role was altered. This led him to seeking out a new opportunity and meeting with Rob Parker and Insight.

These experiences have served James well. He is a well-rounded recruiter with a strong sense of conviction. When an opportunity feels right, he knows it will be. James also has developed a great love and understanding of Estates and Facilities work. Working with just one client can throw up so many varied challenges, keeping James on his toes and allowing him to continually learn and evolve – just as his clients do. James relishes finding specialists that are a perfect fit for the role.

As James progressed through his career in the Estates and Facilities market, he increasingly bumped into Rob Parker and Insight as competitors. It was Rob who approached James in around 2018 to join Insight. James came a long way through the process, before eventually being counter-offered and electing to stay with his employer at the time. Rob was understanding of James’s reasons for staying put, and the pair kept in contact.

This mature approach impressed James and so when he felt that his time had come at his previous employer, Rob’s offer of covering the midlands and north of England, whilst working from home was the perfect fit. James saw it as a chance to work as a specialist, within an already niche and specialist company.

Career at Insight

Since joining Insight, James’s expectations have been exceeded. The amount of support and knowledge-sharing is beyond anything he could have predicted, and he has been pleasantly surprised by the gentle nature of his introduction, stating:

‘It has been particularly difficult over the last few weeks juggling the kids being at home and both my partner and I working from home in new jobs. The flexibility that the business has shown has been great and really helped…



You guys are really putting in an outstanding effort to keep everyone’s morale and wellbeing…this really does stand out as a huge positive!’

James had thought that after a protracted process of bringing him onboard, there might have been a large amount of pressure on him to succeed quickly. Instead, he has been met with patience and understanding. Previously, he had felt pressure to win all his own work himself, but at Insight he has found that everyone is passing roles amongst each other, with a priority on truly finding the best candidate for each role.

It’s been a hectic few months for James. As well as starting a new job in lockdown, he and his wife rescheduled their wedding from New Year’s Eve to the 30th December with just 3 hours’ notice, after news of incoming tier 4 restrictions broke in their area. But, when an opportunity feels right, James trusts his conviction.

James will be focusing public sector estates and facilities across the midlands and north of England. He works with supervisor roles and above and is particularly looking for candidates with project management experience at the moment, as they are in high demand.

You can get in touch with James on:

07387 114808

or via LinkedIn