Insight Executive Group proudly introduces Max Revill as the newest addition to our team, stepping into the role of Senior Consultant on the Permanent Public Sector Recruitment desk.

Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand, Max’s journey brought him to London just five months ago, following a stint in Canada where he experienced the diverse climates the country had to offer. With an impressive six-year background in recruitment, focusing on the medical sector, Max sought a company that not only matched his professional ambitions but also resonated with his values.

“I was looking for a faster pace and more opportunity,” shares Max when reflecting on his decision to join Insight Executive Group. Introduced to Directors Andrew Pyman and Richard Collins, Max was immediately captivated by the company’s philosophy, favouring a consultative approach over the traditional ‘salesy’ recruitment style.

Max emphasizes the unique atmosphere at Insight, stating,

“You really do hype each other up – I mean, WE really hype each other up. There’s such an atmosphere of camaraderie here, and that’s really valuable to me.”

His remarks highlight the importance of a supportive and collaborative work environment, a key factor that sets Insight Executive Group apart from other recruitment companies.

Having experienced workplaces where individual success took precedence, Max appreciates the distinctive culture at Insight. “I’ve been in companies where it is each consultant for themselves, and you just wouldn’t find that here at Insight Executive Group,” he notes, emphasizing the team-centric ethos that defines the company.

In his new role, Max will contribute his expertise to the permanent side of the recruitment business, collaborating with Joe Warne to support public sector procurement candidates and clients. His initial focus will involve building connections within local government, central government, and the NHS.

Beyond the professional realm, Max brings his passion for sports to the team. An avid football enthusiast and player, Max has also dedicated a significant portion of his life to water polo and ocean swimming.

For those eager to explore permanent public sector recruitment opportunities, Max Revill welcomes your inquiries. Reach out to him at or you can call him at 07506296435.

Welcome to the team, Max! Your energy and expertise are valuable additions to Insight Executive Group’s vibrant and collaborative culture.